Production Team
Kevin Bryce, New Media Artist   Ron Moore, 3D Modeler   Veronica Brown, Interactive Design   Frank Gotay, Digital Filmmaker   Jennifer Holloway, Video Editor    
Kevin is a graduate from the UMKC communications program with an emphasis in Film and Media. Kevin is an award winning short film writer, director. He has written, directed, or produced 4 short films to date. In addition to Kevin’s writing for the film industry, he also works in creative short fiction and journalism. To see a reel of his short films visit his Vimeo Page and to stay up to date on his current projects visit his Tumblr Page.   Ron is a 3D modeler and motion graphics designer. He brings over 30 years of radio and TV experience behind the microphone and in commercial production to “In the Kitchen with Bonnie.” A University of Kansas graduate in Aerospace Engineering, Ron draws from a background with the Space Program to challenge himself to create 3D scenes and animations that approach real world detail.

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  Veronica is a graphic designer specializing in web and interactive material. She is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute. She enjoys both the technical aspects of web design, and the opportunity for creative problem solving that interactive design involves.   Frank is skilled in camera work and editing, finding both to be enjoyable and challenging. In 2008 he earned a degree in Photography believing it would be good to learn how to expertly capture a still image before trying to capture moving images. Frank has a degree in digital filmmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute.   Jennifer brings experience from the television industry to the video editing of "In the Kitchen with Bonnie." She holds a Bachelors of Arts in film Film Studies from the University of Kansas and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the interconnected multimedia aspects of the show.  
"In the Kitchen with Bonnie” is a production of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Bonnie, LLC
Bonnie Rabicoff, Producer & Host