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October 2nd - Field to Fork (Celebrating the Harvest)
Campo Lindo Farm Chicken Breast Stuffed with Pepper Cured Bacon and Colby Cheese, Sweet Potato Poblano Puree, New Potato Flan and Braised Swiss Chard
Prepared by the Late Executive Chef Tim Johnson
October 9th - Gram & Dun
Breaded Double Pork Chop with Pork Jus & Creamed Bacon Brussel Sprouts
Prepared by Executive Chef Bradley Gilmore
October 16th - Remembering Justus Drug Store Restaurant
Majinola American Kobe Rib Eye with Wild Mulberry Maple Red Wine Sauce, Herbed Spaetzle, Green Beans, Shallots, Sesame Seeds and Topped with Pine Froth
Prepared by Executive Chef Jonathan Justus
October 23rd - Broadmoor Bistro
Mission Fig Braised Pork with House-Made Ricotta Ravioli, Forged Autumn Mushrooms Topped with Grated Cheese and Micro Greens
Prepared by Chefs Bob Brassard and Justin Hoffman
October 30th - The Wornall House (Hearth Cooking)
Braised Pork, Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Corn Bread & a Joe Frogger Cookie
Prepared by Executive Chef Jonothan Justus
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