About Bonnie

Bonnie is a devoted “foodie.”  Cooking is her passion.  It brings together all that matters most to her…Family and friends…Celebrating and making memories together.

Bonnie served as the Vice President of Development at KCPT Public Television for 11 years. Prior to her work at the station, she was the Director of Marketing for The Barstow School where she founded and coordinated “The Barstow School Organic Farmers’ Market and Chef Series.”  Her career began administering social services for youth at risk under Mayor Berkley’s Youth Council.

Bonnie has worked in the television medium for over 25 years…Serving as a producer and host for several community channels. Her programs have given a voice and platform for issues ranging from education and the arts to social service and cooking.

Bonnie holds a Masters Degree in Communication Studies. She lives in Leawood with her husband Sam. Their son, Isaac, is an attorney in Chicago.

“In the Kitchen” is dedicated in memory to Bonnie’s Aunt Betty Lou:

“My Aunt loved wonderful food and nurtured my passion for cooking. One of her dreams was that I would some day “do” a cooking show.

In the spring of 2008, my aunt was thrilled to watch a live broadcast (Channel 41 - NBC affiliate) from my home, as I prepared matzo balls for Passover. She passed away four days later. Aunt Betty Lou was smart, funny and outrageous. Though her death broke my heart…Her memory remains one of the inspirations for this show. “