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Sustainability Expo & Dinner

Café Tempo

Johnson County Community College
12345 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913) 469-8500


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This week, “In the Kitchen” continues the last of a 3-part “Field to Fork” series. The series is produced in cooperation with the sustainability, agricultural and culinary programs on the campus of Johnson County Community College. Together we have been harvesting spring and summer crops from on-site gardens, then preparing “signature dishes” with the fresh & seasonal produce. “Field to Fork” also offers information on growing, harvesting and cooking seasonal foods as part of a sustainable lifestyle at home.

Today we will celebrate our local growers and food product makers by preparing a meal with the fruits of their labor. Our menu is from their 4th Annual Sustainability Expo & Dinner and includes Campo Lindo Farm Chicken Breast Stuffed with Pepper Cured Bacon and Colby Cheese, Sweet Potato Poblano Puree, New Potato Flan and Braised Swiss Chard.