Charles d’Ablaing
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Diver-Caught Scallops

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Scallops are characterized by having two types of meat in one shell: the adductor muscle, called "scallop" which is white and meaty, and the roe, called "coral", which is red or white and soft.

U.S. diver-caught scallops are collected by hand, with minimal effects to the environment. The boats catching the scallops are "day boats", which return to shore to offload at the end of each day, Scallops on boats that stay at sea for many days are often treated with preservatives to keep them fresh until they are delivered to shore. These preservatives are not necessary on day boats. Untreated scallops are also often called “dry” scallops.

Executive Chef Charles d’Ablaing pan sears our features product on a bed of fresh succotash with roasted shallots in a beurre blanc.