“In the Kitchen” to prepare a Porchetta Panini with Slow-Cooked Duroc Pork, Provolone and a Fried Egg









Concept for The 715 Mass Restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas (Devotion to Local Foods & Nose to Tail Cooking)

Executive Chef Michael Beard’s Journey to and Inspiration “In the Kitchen”

Prepare, Plate & Pair the Signature Dish

James Beard Award-Winning Chef, Michael Smith, Cooks with Daughters









Chef & Dietitian offer easy, fun, affordable and nutritional ways to create a healthy food environment for the family

Dispel myth that healthy eating is too expensive & time-coming with simple tips for shopping, using a “plate model” and dining out

Chef & Daughters prepare Thai Shrimp Roles, Vegetable Salad & Warm Tortillas

Plate and Pair Chef’s Signature Dishes